Fellowship & Small Groups

Based in homes around the county, small groups meet to provide fellowship and discipleship to the community of believers. There are always groups open for you to join!

Other Groups

  • Advanced Bible & Theology Certificate Program
  • Encore Bible Study For second half adults (50+). Wednesdays, 10:30am. Contact Carrie, carrie@tlc.org or 465‑3368.
  • Filipino Study Group Sundays, 2pm. Contact Teresa.
  • High School Groups Contact Jasmine, jasmine@tlc.org or 465‑3311.
  • Inheritors For second half adults (50+). Sundays, 10:30am, Rm 811. Contact Carrie, carrie@tlc.org or 465‑3368.
  • Joyful Noise Adults with special needs. Sundays, 9am, Rm 842. Contact Bill, banjobll@pacbell.net.
  • Jr. High Wildside September–May: Tuesdays, 5:45–8:30pm, Bldg 100 (Gym).
  • Kingsmen Car Club “Caffeine Cruisers.” Saturdays, 7:30am, at Starbucks (41st Ave and Soquel Dr). Contact Dave, agcomm@aol.com or 476‑8486.
  • Life Applications Adult fellowship classes. Sundays, 9:15am, Rm 704. Contact Susie, susie@tlc.org or 465‑3368.
  • Men’s Bible Studies and Small Groups
  • MOPS Mothers Of PreSchoolers. September–May: Thursdays, bimonthly, 9:30–11:30am, Bldg 700. Contact Kim, kim@tlc.org or 465‑3337.
  • Sports Leagues Co-ed softball, basketball and volleyball. Contact Paul, paul@tlc.org or 465‑3380.
  • Wednesday Night Dinner & Classes Family dinner and electives on the Bible, biblical principles, marriage, parenting and more. Fall, Winter & Spring sessions. Contact Lee, lee@tlc.org or 465‑3313.
  • Women’s Bible Studies and Small Groups