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Rene Schlaepfer · September 26, 2010
If Jesus came to set us free, why are so many Christians drained of joy and life? Why is it so hard to shake the feeling that you are not measuring up? Why is the Christian message often misunderstood, even by Christians, as “try harder?” If you feel guilt-ridden, unhappy, and spiritually dry, this 50-day study is for you. Rediscover the liberating message of God’s free gift of grace! Get into small groups and use our daily meditation guide and you’ll discover the joy of growing in grace along with those around you.
Albert Tate · September 19, 2010
Albert Tate is Pastor of Intergenerational Ministry at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, CA. He is a graduate of Wesley Bible College and is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity Degree at Fuller Seminary. In addition to speaking at conferences across the country, God has opened doors for him to minister internationally in Soweto, South Africa and Rome, Italy. Albert and his lovely wife LaRosa have two children.
Rene Schlaepfer · September 12, 2010
Rene Schlaepfer · September 5, 2010
What battles are you facing where the odds seem against you? Is there a way out? Could there even be victory?