Mark Spurlock · August 22, 2010
As anyone who’s ever watched “The Ten Commandments” will attest, Moses was a hero! But he didn’t start out that way. Born a slave, condemned to death as a baby, Moses had all the cards stacked against him. Yet God chose Moses to be the first teacher of His people. How can Moses’ story of unlikely heroism apply to your life today?
Dan Baker · August 15, 2010
When most people think of heroes of the Bible, the name “Dorcas” probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. Yet Dorcas — also known as “Tabitha” — offers a very relevant example of who we should be. Find out how this unlikely hero (with an unlikely name) impacted her world, and how you can impact yours!
Rev. Dr. M. Craig Barnes · August 8, 2010
The unique mystery of Christianity — being saved by grace, through no effort of our own, but by the sovereign hand of God — is a revolutionary and powerful truth that gives us purpose in our lives. Author, pastor, and guest speaker, Dr. M. Craig Barnes, expounds on what these verses really mean for us.
David Hicks · August 1, 2010
Mark Spurlock · July 25, 2010
Jesus called him “The Rock” and he performed miracles in the book of Acts, but Peter wasn’t always at the top of his game. In fact, at times Peter failed miserably! But God specializes in turning failure into fantastic, and can do the same with you!
Rene Schlaepfer · July 18, 2010
Rene Schlaepfer · July 11, 2010
Rene Schlaepfer · July 4, 2010
David, who has one of the most thorough biographies in the Bible, wasn’t always the king of Israel, or the “man after God’s heart.” From humble beginnings to disastrous choices, he was certainly an unlikely hero. Find out how his story can impact yours!
Dan Baker · June 27, 2010
The biblical story of Esther, Jewish queen of Persia, and her role in the defeat of Haman.
Rene Schlaepfer · June 20, 2010