Sermons in series “One Month To Live”

Rene Schlaepfer · February 20, 2011
Someone said, “Your life is a gift from God. What you do with it is your gift to God.” Learn how to enjoy every single moment as the precious gift it is, and how to make it count toward something meaningful and eternal.
Rene Schlaepfer · February 13, 2011
Everyone desires to leave a lasting imprint in life – a legacy to be remembered, a life that made a difference. How can you learn to leave a legacy of love?
Rene Schlaepfer · February 6, 2011
We've all made mistakes. It's part of the learning process. But there are probably choices you've made that you wish you hadn't. What do we do with those moments that we regret? How do we move forward? And how does God view our past actions?
Rene Schlaepfer · January 16, 2011
If you were counting the days before you left this earth, you’d be looking for ways to build bridges, to bring healing, to enjoy relationships. Why wait? Discover new courage to love!
Rene Schlaepfer · January 9, 2011
Passion makes life great. One problem: The pressures of life can drain the passion right out of you. Discover how to live passionately again!
Rene Schlaepfer · January 2, 2011
What did Jesus do when He knew He had one month to live? From His life you’ll discover four universal principles that will enable you to really live instead of just exist.